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In Cape Verde we love to say “No Stress”. So why would you start your (kitesurf) holiday stressing by looking for a adequate kitesurf school in Sal? Through our site you will be able to book the best kitesurf school, with the best materials and guarantees with the ease of a single click. Remember, don’t stress!

Quality guaranteed

We like our 100% customer satisfaction percentage. We therefore only deliver the best kitesurf lessons possible in Sal, Cape Verde. ¬†Don’t take any risk and book the best kite school in Sal through our website.

All from home

Remember, in Cape Verde we love the lifestyle of no stress. You don’t want to spend your holiday looking for the right kitesurfschool in Sal for your kitesurf lessons. Now can you easily book your lessons from home. Even with your mobile phone!

Save money through the internet

The big advantage of your internet booking is that you save a significant amount on your online booking. Don’t pay too much and pay the internet price.

Receive for information about the kitesurf lessons of your choice in Sal

* Your information is safe with us

Our happy customers We would like to thank everybody for being a part of our great kitesurf experience.

All advantages This is what you may and expect from your kitesurf lessons in Sal

Arrange everything from home

Together with your vacation, you can already arrange and plan your kitesurf course in Sal. This way you can board the plane with total peace of mind knowing you will return as a true kitesurfer.

The best kitesurf location

You will enjoy the best lessons on the best kitesurf location in Sal, Cap eVerde. The transport from your hotel or appartement to and from the kite spot are included.

Safe and profitable

It is not only profitable to book your kitesurf lessons in Sal online. But because of the official digital payment, your transactions and lessons are protected by law.

Easy progress

We only work with the best kitesurf school in Sal with the best kitesurf equipment available. We also guarantee your comfort and safety and make sure you will progress easy in becoming a good kitesurfer.

All certifications

The kite school in Sal has all certifications to facilitate adequate and safe kitesurf lessons according to latest standards. This way you are assured of the best and the most safe kitesurf lessons in Sal.

Discount on your equipment

After the lessons you of course want to continue with your kitesurf adventure. We therefore facilitate a 10% discount on all kitesurf equipment through our kitesurf partner stores.
Kitesurf School Sal Start kitesurfing saf and fast in Sal, Cape Verde.

It is not without reason that you were looking for kite school Sal. The main question is of course what is the best kite school in Sal to facilitate the best, most safe and best experience when it comes to your kitesurf course in Sal, Cabo Verde. We can imagine that it might be hard to decide which kite school in Sal is the best for your needs. Through our page you can be assured that you will be helped and guided by only the best kitesurf school available in Sal.

We want to make sure that you will only have the best experience possible and that you will return happily to your home pursuing your kitesurf experience.

Yes! In terms of personal safety and safety in terms of theft. The crime rate is almost zero and you can easily leave your kite stuff on the beach without having to worry that someone will steal or damage your kitesurf stuff.
That’s totally up to you. You can either choose to participate within (small) group lessons or enjoy the full attention of a private kitesurf lesson.
The transport from your hotel or appartement is included. You will be picked up and brought back to the location of your choice.
Absolutely! Anyone who is not afraid of the water, can learn how to kitesurf. Of course it might be easier for certain people, but everybody is able to experience the magnificent feeling of kitesurfing.
kiteschool sal
Kitesurfen in Sal, Cape Verde Kitesurfing in paradise. One of the top kitesurf spots in the world.

Sal is rightfully one of the best kitesurf spots in the world. Not only because the spot is beautiful with crystal blue waters and white sand. But the kitesurf spot is easy accessible for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.

We have flat water for freestyle kitesurfers and beginners, we have choppy waters and waves for the wave lovers. Sal has all the perfect kitesurf conditions to meet every kitesurfers’ needs.

  • Shallow and flat water for beginners
  • Kitesurfing with turtles. What an experience!
  • Beautiful waters and beaches. A true eye catcher
  • The possibility to buy drinks and food on the kite beach

Questions? Send us an email: [email protected]

Kitesurfing is fun. Kitesurfing in Sal is even more fun. We can understand you are excited to kitesurf or learn to kitesurf in Sal, Cape Verde. We therefore might understand that this new adventure comes with the necessary questions. Therefore don’t hesitate to send us all your questions and wishes. We will get back to you on the same day with everything you need.

Kiteschool Sal leraar

Richard Kitesurf teacher

Kiteschool Sal Lotte

Lotte Kitesurf student

Kiteschool Sal Ozgur

Ozgur Kitesurf teacher

Kiteschool Sal Jadran

Jadran Kitesurf student

Some faces From kitesurf teacher to kitesurf student

The fun of kitesurfing is that you see and meet a lot of people (and animals like turtles on Sal!). When kitesurfing with kitesurf school Sal you will therefore meet a lot of people as well. Different ages, backgrounds, but all with the same passion: kitesurfing.

We want to highlight the above to show everyone that kitesurfing is for everybody out there. If you really want to kitesurf in Sal or learn to kitesurf in Sal, don’t let anything stop you. You can do it. Our mission is that you will have the time of your life.

If you are up for the kitesurf adventure in Sal, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. If you have any special questions as well then please share them with us. We will definitely give you the experience of a lifetime.

Kitesurf lessons in Sal What to expect from your kitesurf lesson in Sal

When pursuing kitesurf lessons in Sal with us, you will immediately notice upon the kick start of your lessons that safety and having fun are the most important aspects of your kitesurf lessons.

It is our goal that you feel safe and comfortable. Only when you feel comfortable and taken cared for, you will be able to progress fast. We will make sure you have the best experience and are only occupied in having fun, progression and focussing and learning the sport.

Our trained kitesurf teachers in Sal will make sure that the quality of the lessons are  always guaranteed and that you will return as a true kitesurfer.

kiteschool sal
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